Make Public helps distressed investor campaign steering groups in the second tier financial and under-represented political sector ensure their long term interests are protected and opinions changed.

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When the untoward happens, it takes time for the implications to sink in to the hundreds of affected people. Tactics to disappear facts, or buildings, or misrepresent positions, are used to confuse and reduce opposition, as was seen with the Arch cru pension fund, Kilburn's Carlton Tavern Pub, and Hillsborough. We will research the challenge, and uncover your effective campaigning pressure points. (If your position appears untenable, we'll tell you.) We help you organise, fast. We'll bring your campaign team together, provide organised campaign administration, and help you raise cash for your campaign. Within 7 days, you will have a powerful campaign that will ensure all parties rapidly take notice. Act now. Navigate to Report a Concern, and drop me a line.