Make Public helps distressed investor campaign steering groups in the second tier financial and under-represented political sector ensure their long term interests are protected and opinions changed.

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Why campaign facilitation?

Why campaign facilitation? (55 secs) Has something happened, that affects you and several hundred other people? For example, a regulated pension fund has been suspended, a much loved building or space threatened, or you want to move opinion to achieve a particular social change? You know something must be done, but how do you organise from an uncertain starting point to a winning position? I'm Chris Clark of Make Public, and we can help. Put simply, we research your campaign pressure points, and provide the campaign program management you need to run a powerful and very public campaign. So if you believe something is wrong, that it affects many other people, and you want to take action, but don't know where to start, don't wait! Navigate to Report a Concern and drop me a line.