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Why a Membership Program?

Most effective campaigns where the outcome needs to be shaped require dedicated people, knowledge, time, management and and cash to run effectively.  

Exceptions are when an individual seeks to change something quite specific and a do/don't or yes/no type of resolution (for example, asking the Bank of England to place women on banknotes) is easy to visualise.  

By using the excellent public and free petitioning platforms, such as and Facebook, remarkable results can be achieved.  We use these platforms too.  

However, campaigning over a failed pension fund, re-opening a pub, or achieving a significant social change aganinst determined opposition will usually require a high level of persistence, team dedication, a wide pooling of knowledge through our forums, cash and organisation, to win the day.

We have designed a Membership scheme and dedicated online forum that enables Campaigners raise cash to fund effective campaigns and pay for our services.

Full Membership:

Full Membership is open to campaigners working with our facilitated program to pursue a campaign with determination.  To qualify to be a full member, you will have to pay a membership fee.  This is always affordable though varies by campaign type.

Benefits include:

• Public campaign facilitation to help support and represent your interest at the highest level.

•Use of the very popular private or public forums.

• Access to professional advice and support for the campaign.

• Advance notice of relevant events.

• Invitation to influence developments in the campaign.

• Assistance on how to safeguard your position in the campaign.

• Early warning of new risks emerging and action needed.

Associate membership


If you have a concern to report or you want to sign up for a campaign you become a campaign associate.  This operates on a no-commitment basis whilst we understand the dimensions of a concern and how many people may be affected.  When signed up you are encouraged to read and contribute to the campaign forum.  This helps all Associate Members pool their knowledge about the subject.

When lead campaigners and ourselves believe that action needs to be taken and there is sufficient support, we will change the campaign to full membership and the forum will become members only.  In most cases we will also give the campaign its own website.

You can sign up on the campaign page for the campaign you are interested in to become an associate member to receive the following:

• Early warning of new developments on a campaign you are following

• Monthly members communication on updates and progress.

• Participation in surveys and studies.

Why not sign up now, it only takes a few seconds.

Member forums

Our forums are a great place to exchange information on your current investments or share tips on how best to safeguard your financial interests. You can start a discussion, comment, ask a question or browse to see what other investors are talking about. These forums are open to registered members only. If this is your first visit, please check out the member forum guidelines below.

• Harlequin Investor Forum

• Cyprus / Alpha Bank Forum

• Arck Investor Forum

Campaigner forum guidelines

Welcome to the Campaign Forums operated by Make Public. Our guidelines here set out to the basic rules for online discussions and behaviour.
Asking for help
If you are unsure about anything, the moderators and administrators will help you. Please follow the direction they give you respectfully.
Please don’t post any personal information such as contact details, password or any other information that is financially sensitive.
Keep your topics relevant
For the benefit of all members, we urge you to always stay on topic. Please do not post content that is not related to investment issues and products. We reserve the right to delete inappropriate content.
Be polite
We welcome everyone’s contributions and opinions but please do not post anything unlawful, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening or inflammatory. Resorting to personal attacks of other members and trolling are also unacceptable. Please get in touch with the moderators if you wish to report someone.
Decide for yourself
If your fellow members offer you advice and tips, please remember that, ultimately, you are responsible for your decisions.
No spam
These forums must not be used for the promotion of any product, service or organisation.
Changes to guidelines
We will review and update these guidelines from time to time. Please remember to check this page periodically.