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To maximise investors' chances of redress for applicable problematic funds we often ask campaigners to involve Parliament and financial regulators to apply public pressure to win better outcomes.

Never written to Parliament before?  Remember that Parliament works for you, not the other way around.  The vast majority of MPs want to help and are particularly concerned about unfair investments.

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5 Reasons why public campaigning in conjunction with legal action works!

  • Public campaigning in parallel with legal action considerably multiplies a campaign's pressure
  • Public exposure to a problematic fund swiftly discourages advertising for further investment and can save many more people from losing money
  • Existing fund transactions may come under considerably more scrutiny
  • The time to restitution is often reduced
  • By creating awareness that bad funds will be 'outed' we hope to bring increased focus on ethics in the investing industry
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To write to your local MP, simply click on the link.  We will usually provide you with a model letter.


Note that your letter should vary to some degree with our model letter.  This is standard practice.