Make Public helps distressed investor campaign steering groups in the second tier financial and under-represented political sector ensure their long term interests are protected and opinions changed.

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Welcome To Make Public

Has something happened to you, that you know also affects hundreds or thousands of other people.  

Do you feel strongly enough that you know action needs to be taken, but don't know how?

Make Public is a Special Interest Campaigning facilitator company, helping out when hundreds of people are affected by an event.

For campaigning, where persuasion is everything, Make Public bring together and work with Campaign Leaders to design and co-run Campaigns to achieve outcomes.  Our work covers research (often of the sort some may wish to hide), to  crafting your Campaign Message, to co-writing your Campaign Playbook, creating your campaign technology infrastructure, and program managing your campaign.    

All Affordable.  All Scaleable.  All Manageable.  

We then facilitate your tightly organised and usually self-funding membership campaign to achieve success.

Let us ask you two questions:

Have YOU been affected by an event and want to know how to get moving - now?  

Do YOU want to know how we affordably facilitate your campaign after you have taken your first essential steps?

Download our 'Win It!' guide (900Kb PDF) for the answers that will help you start powerfully - TODAY!

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