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Is a data fog clouding your business?

See through data fog, and discover more sales

Data fog is what happens when there is too much data tohumanly process. Business data pours in fromeverywhere. News, Indices, sales and production reports,columns of figures and words in disparate electronic silos.The sheer volume disguises the message in the words andnumbers.

Make Public reduces your data overload to usablecampaign intelligence. We do this with advanced datamining to clear the data fog. We find and visually tell theprofitable stories in your data that help you take the bigdecisions. Customer targeting, authentic messageoptimisation, retail footfallresearch, surveys, campaigntiming, profiling, prediction, churn, risk analysis, and more.

With solutions for:

  • mid-size retail
  • e-commerce
  • membership organisations
  • local government

we borrow tools, visualisations, and methods from large organisations to help small and medium data dependent organisations. We uncover and visually tell the profitable stories in your data that help you take the big decisions and tell the right stories.

Why not call soon for a no-commitment discussion on howyou can clear away your data fog and discover more sales?

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